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We must start now to achieve net zero emission by 2070: Jayant Sinha – EQ Mag Pro

We must start now to achieve net zero emission by 2070: Jayant Sinha – EQ Mag Pro


Jamshedpur : “Climate Change is the most discussed topic internationally and it is not surprising to note that this environmental concern finds mentions in almost all electoral agenda.

The disconcerting pace of global warming has become a major challenge to all forms of life and this situation calls for immediate measures for protecting planet earth both, for us and our generation to follow,” observed Hazaribagh MP and Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, Jayant Sinha.

Addressing the first of a series of talks on Responsive Transitional Policy (RE-STRAP) entitled, ‘Getting to the Green Frontier: A Net Zero Development Model for India’ organized by Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Jharkhand Desk, the former Union Minister said, “If we want a better India, we will have to move towards Green Frontier and reduce our reliance on petrol, diesel and coal and move towards E-vehicles. Cost effective solar energy is the future. The rapid pace at which climate change is occurring, it is imperative to go all out for mass awareness as this is the need of the hour.”

Jayant Sinha appealed to corporate houses, chambers, social organisations and general citizens to initiate steps for better life and healthy living. He appreciated the efforts of Tata Steel to reduce CO2 emission and urged other corporate and industrial houses to follow suit.

The former Union Minister, using power point presentation, explained about the climbing graph of CO2 emissions in India that was adversely affecting environment.

“Year 2070 is the target set by India to achieve Net Zero emissions but it can only be achieved if every individual resolves to contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment. Year 2070 may be distant but actions towards that end have to begin here and now,” stressed Sinha.

He averred that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) would be possible only if individuals took the oath of ‘competitiveness, sustainability and realization (CSR)’ collectively.

Jayant Sinha said that while living in the present, people should not only prepare for tomorrow but look beyond for sustaining a horizon where life would not be threatened. He further said that pandemics like COVID struck once in 100 years. He attributed situations and events like pandemic COVID, the Russia-Ukraine war and climate change that would open the door to a disaster like tsunami.

Rebuffing the blame of constant hike in fuel prices on the central government, Sinha said that the cause leading to the fuel price hike was the Russia-Ukraine war.

“It is indeed true that in the past 122 year history of summer, April this year has been the hottest. But did anyone realize that this record rise is manmade? Felling trees, blasting away hills and rivers to build human habitats have disturbed nature’s equilibrium and there is still time to mend our needs and living habits in the greater interest of world community.” MP Jayant Sinha said that since the time of British rule we have been taking the temperature readings but never has been April hottest in last 122 years and we are only responsible for this. The way climate change is happening we need to get aware.

Jayant Sinha advocated the concept of moving forward with a positive attitude. He said that awareness was the key to change the world for a better tomorrow. “Change calls for moving forward and moving forward requires a positive attitude towards the greater interests of community. One of the steps towards progress is industrialization but that should be based on organized approach taking into consideration the positive factors to nurture and sustain environment.”

Working towards green hydrogen: Sanjiv Paul

Tata Steel Vice President (Sustainability and Safety) Sanjiv Paul, who was the Guest of Honour at the programme, said, “Tata Steel is working on green hydrogen to help decarbonise industry and cut emissions. In the coming decades the Company’s production will double but we need to think about the environment and take steps to reduce CO2 emission. The world is progressing, medical science is progressing and along with this the population is also increasing. World’s population has increased by 175 percent which is directly impacting our natural resources and if we want to save our planet, we will have to be aware of climate change.”

He said, “India currently produces 110 million tonnes of steel, which will increase to 450 million tonnes by 2050. Tata Steel will also have to double its production to about 80 million tonnes. This calls for latest technology that will not only enhance production capacity but also ensure a safe environment.” Experts have stated that green hydrogen was a clean fuel extracted by splitting water components oxygen and hydrogen23

Green hydrogen is clean fuel derived by splitting water and its two components hydrogen and oxygen and using renewable energy like solar power. Hydro energy does not emit environmental pollutents. Tata Steel is working towards using green hydrogen to preserve environment and life.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network