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India perfectly situated to join Europe’s green hydrogen supply chain: Stefan Kaufmann – EQ Mag

Though Europe has a goal to produce around 100 GW of green hydrogen by 2030, the continent will have to import more green hydrogen than it is exporting in the near future, said Kaufmann, former hydrogen commissioner of Germany and advisor to ThyssenKrupp. India is perfectly situated between Germany and Australia, and can contribute to…Read […]

Appintment to the post of Chairman,Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB)

Europe’s spend on energy crisis nears 800 billion euros – EQ Mag

European countries’ bill to shield households and companies from soaring energy costs has climbed to nearly €800 billion, researchers said, urging countries to be more targeted in their spending to tackle the energy crisis. European Union countries have now earmarked or allocated €681 billion in energy crisis spending, while Britain allocated €103 billion and Norway […]

Lessons from leaders on green business building

Inside Europe’s high-tech scramble for better energy storage – EQ Mag

The future is renewable, but all that power needs to be contained A “metal sock” in the ground stuffed full of hydrogen. Vats of scorching sand. Huge weights moving very, very slowly up and down old mineshafts. Is this the future of energy? This menagerie of strange machines and heat-retaining vessels is poised to emerge […]

India needs Rs 33,750 cr to achieve PLI target of setting up 50 GWh of lithium-ion cell, battery mfg plants: Study

Europe’s power crisis has ‘very little to do with Putin,’ portfolio manager says – EQ Mag

“The reason why we have a power crisis in Europe has very little to do with Putin,” Per Lekander tells CNBC. “I would almost say that Putin actually made the situation better,” he adds. Comments come at a time of huge disruption within global energy markets following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. The power […]

ScottishPower to pay tuition for energy students – EQ Mag

Swiss ‘water battery’ boosts Europe’s energy storage plans – EQ Mag

A Swiss company has built what is being called a giant water battery deep under the Alps that provides an energy storage capacity equivalent to 400,000 electric car batteries. It could be a game changer. A 2-billion-Swiss franc (€2.05 billion/$2.10 billion) project could help stabilize Europe’s increasingly expensive electricity as it shifts to renewable energy. […]

India needs Rs 33,750 cr to achieve PLI target of setting up 50 GWh of lithium-ion cell, battery mfg plants: Study

Europe’s largest energy storage facility begins operations in Belgium – EQ Mag

Europe’s largest energy storage facility has begun operating in the Belgian province of Wallonia, as the continent aims to secure its energy supply. The 40 lithium-ion mega-batteries allow for stable energy distribution across the public grid even when wind or solar power inputs fluctuate. Given the current energy crisis, stocking up on electricity could be […]

ScottishPower to pay tuition for energy students – EQ Mag

Cottingham: Europe’s biggest battery storage system switched on – EQ Mag

What is thought to be Europe’s biggest battery energy storage system has begun operating near Hull. The site, said to be able to store enough electricity to power 300,000 homes for two hours, went online at Pillswood, Cottingham, on Monday. Its launch was brought forward four months as the UK faces possible energy shortages this […]

India needs Rs 33,750 cr to achieve PLI target of setting up 50 GWh of lithium-ion cell, battery mfg plants: Study

Europe’s EV opportunity—and the charging infrastructure needed to meet it – EQ Mag Pro

To go carbon neutral by 2050, Europe needs more electric vehicles on the road—and many more EV chargers too. What will this build-out look like and what might it cost? The European Union is the global frontrunner in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs): its member countries are responsible for more than a quarter of […]

Juniper Research: EV Charging to Generate $300 Billion Globally by 2027, as Siemens Ranked Market Leader


New study outlines a transition plan for Europe’s largest coal-fired power plant, located in Belchatow, Poland London and Łódź : Europe’s largest coal-fired power plant could replace most of its lignite generation with renewables paired with batteries or lower-carbon thermal capacity, research group BloombergNEF (BNEF) finds in a new report. Such a transition would lower […]

Solis Seminar【Episode 51】: Pay attention to these common O&M problems with inverters in the winter time

Net-zero Spain: Europe’s decarbonization hub – EQ Mag Pro

Spain can reach net-zero emissions by 2050 through a society-wide effort that leverages the country’s natural endowments and new technologies to unlock sustainable and inclusive growth. In a world that is accelerating efforts to combat climate change and in the midst of increasing economic and geopolitical uncertainties, Spain could play a starring role. The country’s […]

ScottishPower to pay tuition for energy students – EQ Mag