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Mr. Mantha Balasubramaniam – Share Solar Journey with EQ

Mr. Mantha Balasubramaniam – Share Solar Journey with EQ


After spending 2 decades PLUS in the IT industry, moved to Solar Industry in April 2008. The Solar Journey has begun with a leading solar module manufacturing company. In the era of long term contracts with substantial pre-pays and difficult spot markets, established the robust supply chain processes for the solar module and cell manufacturing company. ‘was instrumental in establishing the EPC (Systems) Business at leading solar module and cell manufacturing company and Installed kW to MW systems in a short period.

As Solar, as an Industry, was evolving in INDIA, played an active role as a task force member in establishing approval processes where none existed, worked with regulatory commission in releasing an order so that a state becomes eligible to participate in one of the JNNSM tenders and played an active role in developing an online system for obtaining the necessary approvals from the government. ‘have played a key role with governments in the initial days to ensure that policies with viable tariffs are released, example Gujarat Government, MNRE – JNSSM – IREDA program, migration projects. Played an active role and tried to reduce the share of Solar Thermal – 50% from the Initial allocation from JNNSM.

Successfully commissioned MW projects in most of the government programs starting from the initial GBI scheme, JNNSM – IREDA Program, migration scheme, JNNSM first batch, Gujarat policy, under REC scheme – Co-located Captive Generation program, outside location captive generation program, Third Party program both bilateral and third party. Over all 75 MW capacity commissioned without missing the COD deadline with 7 projects under different AP programs, 4 projects under Telangana program, 1 under each Gujarat, TN and Karnataka programs. Experienced in building solar power plants from “CONCEPT to COMMISSIONING” and now ventured in to transferringthis knowledge to entrepreneurs and industrial groups in extending their services to the developers and EPC companies that are building solar power plants. Currently advising M/s. Smarttrak solar systems Pvt Ltd.

Please visit www.ukmspower.com for more details.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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