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4 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business
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4 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re likely used to wearing many hats—CEO, sales director, HR rep, collections agent, bookkeeper…you get the picture. Marketing your business is often lumped into the mix, but there comes a time when, as your business grows, you must say enough is enough.

Trying to do everything and be everything for everyone else places you on the short track to burnout, and giving up the management of one the most important cogs in your business wheel can free up loads of time you can use to actually run your business and supervise your employees.

That cog, my friends, is your small business marketing strategy. Turning that over to a marketing agency can transform the face of your company and take your business to the next level. Let’s look at 4 reasons you should consider hiring a marketing agency for your small business…today.

1. They are Highly Skilled and Focused

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an agency is the fact that they are good—really good—at what they do. Marketing agents are highly trained, tech savvy experts in their field. They are familiar with the latest trends in marketing and have access to the most recent tech and tools.

When you have an agency working for you, you can rest easy knowing your business is receiving top-tier service by a company using current software and capable of creating detailed analytical reports at the drop of a hat.

2. They Can Save You Money

Small business owners hate spending money if they can DIY something…but your marketing deserves better than your best efforts using the free version of a graphic design platform you found online.

Think about the amount of time it takes for you to train yourself to use those platforms. Marketing agencies can do what may take you weeks to learn in a matter of minutes. They are also highly skilled at knowing what a client base wants to see and what will resonate with them and can easily plan a marketing campaign out well in advance.

This means you’ll be spending money on marketing materials that were expertly crafted specifically for your audience which, in turn, increases the likelihood you’ll enjoy a high return on your investment.

One more perk—hiring an agency is far more economical than hiring a full-time marketer for your company, which can set you back anywhere from $40 – $70K every year.

3. Takes the Pressure of You and/or Your Staff

Small business owners often try to make do by either tackling the marketing of their business themselves or farming the work out to other employees. While it may seem as though this strategy could save you money, here’s the hard truth—it doesn’t. What it does do is make you and your employees less efficient, less productive, and prone to burnout.

Marketing is a full-time job and trying to DIY your marketing plan can have negative repercussions on your business. Take social media as an example. Creating well-branded content that engages your audience takes time and dedication…and responding to each and every comment is critical in building brand trust amongst your followers. Unfortunately, this task is one of the first to get pushed down the priority list when managed by business owners or their employees…and it’s understandable. You’re working tirelessly to keep your business running smoothly. But social media can be a tremendous revenue generator for small businesses, and when your presence there is inconsistent (or becomes non-existent) because you have more pressing matters to tend to, you’re literally throwing money away.

4. It’s an Investment Worth Making

Let’s be honest…is hiring a marketing agency cheap? No. But this is a case where you are most certainly going to get what you pay for. And there are many high-quality marketing agencies out there who will be happy to work within your budget to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

When you’re ready to make the leap and hire an agency, don’t go with the one who offers you bargain-basement pricing or makes wildly unrealistic promises about the results you’ll see if you choose them.

Find an agency who really listens to your needs and works to understand your company and the purpose of your brand. This is particularly important if yours is a niche business.

Lastly, keep in mind that transforming your marketing strategy isn’t something that will happen overnight. You cannot meet with your marketing agent on Monday and expect to see results on Tuesday (well, you can…but you’ll be sorely disappointed). Recrafting the marketing plan for your business takes time but, when done right, it can result in significant lead generation that boosts sales and turns your business into a serious power player.

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