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EQ Solar Map Of India 2016

EQ Solar Map Of India 2016


Solar Map Of India 2016

Dear Solar Industry Colleagues,

Warm Greetings from EQ Int’l <www.EQMagPro.com>

After Massive Success of EQ Solar Map of INDIA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Edition, EQ plans the following Solar Maps for 2016-2017

1. EQ Solar Map of India 7th Edition 2017
2. EQ Solar PV RoofTop & Net Metering Map of India 1st Edition 2016

1. EQ Solar Map of India 7th Edition 2017
With new solar projects under JNNSM, Central & State Policies, REC, Private PPA’s, New Manufacturing Set Ups in the country etc..etc..etc…EQ Solar Map 7th Edition will be featuring the Utility Scale Grid Connected Solar PV Projects, Manufacturers & Suppliers of Solar Modules,Solar Cell,Wafers, Inverters, Mounting Systems, BOS Manufacturers, Equipment & Technology provider and lots more.

2.EQ Solar PV Rooftop & Net Metering Map of India – 2016. The Government of India has set a target of 40 GW Solar RoofTop Installations by 2022. The Map will show the Overall Targets, State Wise & Year Wise Targets,Current Achievements & Installations Snapshot, Basic Working & Functioning of RoofTop/Net Metering PV System, Key Insights & Statistics, Projections etc… and on the back of the map a brief of the net metering regulations of 20+ States will be mentioned

EQ will be printing 40000+ copies of this map on a poster of size of 3.25 ft. X 2.25 ft. and on the periphery there will be ads of size 60 MM (Height) x 90 MM (Width). This map will be inserted in EQ Int’l Magazine and also distributed in important trade fairs and conferences in 2016-2017 such as InterSolar India 2016 , RE-Invest 2017 etc….Solar Map of INDIA will be distributed in Print and Digital (Online) Format.

Links of Earlier EQ Solar Maps

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3.EQ Solar Map of India 3rd Edition 2013
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5.EQ Solar Map of India 2nd Edition 2012
6.EQ Solar Map of India 1st Edition 2011

Best Regards,
Anand Gupta
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