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Research: Solar panels on agricultural land are suitable for wildlife habitat – EQ Mag

Melbourne : Australia’s renewable energy transition has fuelled the construction of dozens of large-scale solar power projects (PLTS). Although this trend reduces the dependence of Kangaroo Country on fossil fuels, the construction of PLTS also increases the need for land to install solar panels. The same trend has also occurred in Indonesia, which has begun […]

Research: Exploring ways to harness plant molecules for solar energy – EQ Mag

Solar power generation on agricultural land expands in Japan

The sun is being used on more and more farmland across Japan not only to grow crops, but also to generate power. The combination provides a “two-birds-with-one-stone” source of income by allowing the more effective use of farmland. It also fits in with the government’s goal of net-zero emissions in 2050. But the securing of […]

ADB Provides $20 Million Loan to Wyntron to Manufacture EV Charging Equipment in the Philippines