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ScottishPower to pay tuition for energy students – EQ Mag

ScottishPower to pay tuition for energy students – EQ Mag


The move aims to help graduates enter the industry

ScottishPower has launched a “paid to learn” scholarship with its parent company Iberdrola to attract new recruits into the energy sector.

The programme will see the company pay a year’s tuition, accommodation and travel expenses for graduates and final-year students whilst they study at one of 20 top universities across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Applicants can choose from Universities of Cambridge, Strathclyde or the Imperial College of London, in the UK; the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas or the Polytechnic Universities of Madrid, Valencia and the Basque Country, in Spain; among others.
ScottishPower is recruiting over 1000 people this year across all levels of skills and experience and this scholarship is just one of many ways the company is helping promote the employability of young people in a sector that will generate thousands of jobs in the coming years.

The application process has now opened and its encouraging students with an interest in engineering, renewable energy, information technology, cybersecurity, sustainability and big data to apply.

ScottishPower’s parent company Iberdrola has supported nearly 1000 young people across the world to further their professional careers with master’s and postgraduate studies and carrying out research at renowned international centres of education.

Once they have completed their studies, students will carry out internships at the company and be supported to apply for permanent roles within the Iberdrola Group which has businesses across the UK, Europe, the US, Brazil, Australia and Mexico.

The scheme is open until 31 March.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network