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3 Excellent Email Examples to Nurture New Customers and Boost Engagement

3 Excellent Email Examples to Nurture New Customers and Boost Engagement

When it comes to writing welcome emails for newly acquired customers, there’s more than a little finesse that goes into it. When written too casually, recipients may feel as if their acquisition doesn’t matter. But if your correspondence sounds too needy, they may be quick to mark your email as spam and forget all about you.

A good email strikes the right balance between gratitude and gravitas and should offer plenty of value to the recipient. Whether your latest email acquisition comes to you because they chose to sign up for your newsletter or made a purchase in your online store, the welcome email they receive can either make or break your relationship.

To help you get it right, we’ve gathered 3 examples of excellent welcome emails. Let them serve as inspiration, helping you nurture that fledgling relationship with new subscribers into something that stands the test of time.

OK…but are new customer emails really that important?

The short answer is…yes. Consider this—people expect to get welcome emails these days. Perhaps that is why welcome emails enjoy 4 times the open rate of regular emails. And if that didn’t grab your attention, this might…on average, welcome emails generate up to 320% more revenue than other promo emails you might send out.

Here are 3 of our favorite welcome email formats:

The “Welcome to the Family” Email

Introduction emails are a great way to solidify the brand-customer relationship and make the recipient feel as if they’re not just reading a welcome email—they’re also being folded into the family.

Take this email from feel-good houseware brand Imani Collective as an example.


Right out of the gate, Imani acknowledges new subscribers as members of the family. They also remind them of the company mission and drive home the fact that making a purchase from their online store not only makes your home a little more lovely, but it also empowers artisans in Africa.

Making new subscribers or customers feel as though they are now a part of a close-knit group that is making a difference in the world is a great way to create a long-lasting relationship.

The “Here’s a Gift for You” Email

Who doesn’t love getting a little surprise gift along with a welcome email? Sending a welcome email with a discount code to new subscribers is a great way to ingratiate your business while increasing the likelihood of making a sale.


This eye-catching welcome email from UK-based lifestyle boutique Scout & Co builds a strong case for the “less is more” approach. Here, a bold graphic catches the eye of new subscribers with a simple “hello”, followed by a brief welcome and thanks for subscribing along with a coupon code to receive a discount off a minimum purchase.

Recipients appreciate both the clear message and the coupon code, increasing the likelihood that they are going to stay subscribed and maintain connection with the company.

The “This is Coming from a Human” Email

It’s easy for emails to come across as cold and impersonal. Creating a welcome email that addresses the recipient by name and is signed by an actual living, breathing human goes a long way to correct that.


This welcome email from Saas platform TruConversion seems to get everything right. The recipient is mentioned by name. The body of the email welcomes Martin to the “family”, creating an instant bond. And, perhaps most importantly, the email tells the recipient exactly what to expect of this new email relationship.

This correspondence creates an overall warm, caring tone and is signed by the CEO and founder of the company, creating the sense that the recipient is receiving a one-on-one experience.

Tips to Create the Perfect Welcome Email

When you’re ready to create a nurturing, engaging welcome email for your new subscribers or customers, consider including:

  • Sincerity: Welcome them to your organisation and take the time to sincerely thank them for signing up. Who they choose to share their time with matters, and it is important to acknowledge your gratitude over the fact that your company made the cut.
  • A brief company bio: Keep it short but do include a quick recap as to who you are as a company and what your mission is.
  • What to expect: Tell subscribers how often you’ll be contacting them and what your emails will include.
  • Company contact information: Let them know how to get in touch with you should they have questions or feedback.
  • The signature of a real human: If possible, sign off with the name of an actual company representative. It doesn’t have to be the CEO…the name of a team member works just as well at creating that human connection.

And so…

You’re now well equipped to create excellent welcome emails that will connect with subscribers and encourage them to grow their relationship with your business. Here’s to engaging customers with relevant content that naturally builds brand loyalty!

Whether you’re interested in overhauling your current email marketing strategy or just want to give it a little tweak but are unsure where to start, we would love to help. Contact us here to discuss the best way to boot your email marketing and increase your ROI.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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