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Website Landing Pages: Why Your Business Needs One (or More!)
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Website Landing Pages: Why Your Business Needs One (or More!)

Let’s assume you’ve gone through the process of setting up a website for your small business (if you haven’t, you absolutely should!). Allow us to give you a celebratory pat on the back before we ask…what about a landing page?

Many business owners assume a landing page is the homepage on that beautiful website you just created. Not true! Think of the homepage of your website as your digital storefront—beautifully crafted, visually appealing, and perfectly on brand. It’s the page that will entice visitors to come inside, to click further into your business and, hopefully, become paying customers.

If the homepage is your storefront, think of a landing page as the sandwich board in front of the business—alerting potential customers to can’t-miss deals or valuable discounts. A good landing page is designed for a very specific purpose and compels visitors to complete a specific action that will be to their benefit.

The goal of a landing page is to convert visitors to subscribers and, eventually, customers. Landing pages encourage guests to subscribe or make a purchase through a strong call to action (CTA). Let’s look at a few ways landing pages benefit small businesses.

Supports Your Goals

Because you’re creating your own landing page, it is completely customisable to your purpose. Do you want to grow your email marketing list? Promote a new product or service? Offer a limited-time discount? Whatever your goal, the landing page you create will direct visitors to take a specific action that will further your business goals.

Turns Visitors Into Participants

You landing page entices visitors to take a specific action that will benefit them:
 “Click here to join our email list”
 “Download our free e-book here”
 “Click to join our VIP group and receive 20% off your first purchase”
A good landing page will increase the number of conversions you see on your website as visitors take the next step and become followers and, ideally, customers.

Measures Success

Once you’ve created your landing page and have it live on your website for a period of time, you will be able to measure the number of conversions it created and determine what’s working….or what isn’t. If your landing page starts out strong (with a high conversion rate) but tapers off over time, it may mean it is time for a landing page refresh. If your conversion rate is low from the get-go, you may need to take a hard look at the page itself—is it too cluttered? Is the message unclear? Does it take too long to fill out information? Reviewing the data following your landing page launch can provide valuable insights on the success of your campaign.

Builds Business Credibility

Your landing page can be a great place to tout the accomplishments of your business. By including social proof—the online version of “word of mouth”—on your landing page, you can show visitors why they should feel comfortable clicking on your CTA.

Examples of social proof include:

  • Counters to show visitors how many other people are using your service/buying your products
  • Testimonials from other customers/businesses who love your service/products
  • Displaying the logos of other companies who have used your service/products

Social proof builds trust among visitors and increases the likelihood that they will be converted into customers.

Supports Social Media Presence

Business owners don’t often associate landing pages with social media campaigns…but they absolutely should. Many limit a landing page to the popup that…well, pops up…a few seconds into a visitor’s stop on your home page. In reality, however, links to landing pages can be embedded directly into posts or the bio on your social media pages, taking visitors directly to the landing page itself and allowing them to sign up for email marketing or make a purchase directly from your site.

Landing pages can easily be created for each new promotion or event, keeping them fresh and instilling in visitors a desire to click for fear of missing out.

What Makes a “Good” Landing Page?

While the details required to build the perfect landing page for your business will vary depending on each promotion or event, there are some rules of thumb for building a decent one. A good landing page should—

  • Clearly guide visitors to your CTA button
  • Include the most important details in a concise format…think short and sweet
  • Be easy to read and navigate on both desktop computers and mobile devices

And so, there is no single “right way” to build the perfect landing page. Much is going to depend on your goals. But, with a little effort and forethought, you will be able to build quality landing pages that are on brand and highly converting, turning those elusive visitors into committed customers.

If you are in agreement that landing pages are important for small business success but aren’t sure where to start, or if you have a landing page in need of a marketing overhaul, contact Digital Canteen on 02-9025-4304. Discuss all your project details and digital marketing needs, and our team will get your project started as per your requirements.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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