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The Shocking Effect of Social Media on Digital Marketing
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The Shocking Effect of Social Media on Digital Marketing

There is reluctance among some small businesses to embrace social media and its place in digital marketing. Some are reluctant to branch out from the tried-and-true email list while others just don’t think they have the time to add one more marketing platform to their plate.

But, listen to this—in 2019, online advertisers spent a mind boggling $125.2 billion dollars compared to TV advertisers who spent $70.4 billion.

There’s no getting around it and small businesses need to accept that social media is here to stay. If you don’t learn how to make it work for you, your business could get left behind.

Still unsure? Here are 4 ways social media can benefit your marketing plan.

1. Improves Customer Service

Gone are the days of waiting forever to speak to someone in customer service. Today, customers head to a business’ social media page to ask questions and to interact with the brand…and they expect a near instant response.

Recent research indicates that 42% of customers who reach out to a business via social media expect a response within 60 minutes.

Like it or not, customers of today want to hear from you right away, and if they are unable to find you online, they’ll likely pass you by in favor of your social-media-savvy competitors. Having well-branded and well-monitored social media is something that needs to be part of your digital marketing plan.

If dealing with multiple social media platforms feels overwhelming, keep in mind there are marketing companies who would love to take this off your plate…. namely, us. You can find out more about our social media marketing services by clicking here.

2. Increases Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of jumping on multiple social media platforms is the inevitable broadening of your audience. Of those marketers using social media, a whopping 90% say their brand exposure has increased, and 75% say they have increased traffic.

Social media is the primary platform people use to learn about new businesses and their products, services, and promotions. And, different demographics will use different platforms, so it’s important to understand who your customer is. That’s not to say you should put all your eggs in one social media basket—but you may have to tailor your presence differently depending on your audience.

At the end of the day, having a well-branded social media presence is going to increase the number of eyes looking at your business, and that is never a bad thing.

3. Builds Brand Loyalty

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the goal of social media is not to close sales from every post you make. While the end goal is certainly to increase revenue, the goal of making regular, well-branded posts is to create brand loyalty amongst your followers and to gain their trust.

With regular posting (which should include on-brand photographs, interesting graphics, and video clips), you provide your followers with information that is valuable to them. That, in turn, sets you apart as an expert in your field and increases the likelihood that, when the time comes for those followers to need your services, you’ll be the business they turn to.

You cannot underestimate the marketing value of taking time to cultivate brand loyalty with your followers.

4. It’s Cost Effective

This may be the biggest surprise to many small business owners—running social media doesn’t have to be expensive.

There is, however, a time investment you must be willing to make, but it’s important to note that just a few hours dedicated to social media each week can garner big results. In fact, HubSpot reports that 84% of marketers found that investing six hours per week into social media marketing was enough to increase site traffic.

Traditional marketing methods—like flyer printing or radio ads—require additional investment each time you want to change information. That is not the case with social media posts, which are easily edited and updated. Add to that the fact that you’re able to see, in real time, the success of social media campaigns thanks to platform analytics, and you have an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows you to quickly pivot and adjust according to customer response.

Social media is changing the scope of digital marketing, but it should not be the sole marketing focus for any business. Rather, social media should be a cog in the wheel of a cohesive marketing strategy that allows you to connect with your customer in a way that is real and authentic.

If you’d like to have tailored strategies for social media, contact Digital Canteen on 02-9025-4304. Discuss all your project details and digital marketing needs, and our team will get your project started as per your requirements.

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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