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Perfect Partners: How Social Media Can (And Should) Work Beautifully with your SEO Strategy
  • Posted at 12:12 am in Local SEO , SEO , Social Media Marketing , by Digital Canteen
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Perfect Partners: How Social Media Can (And Should) Work Beautifully with your SEO Strategy

Creating a strong SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy for your business is important because it will increase your visibility in online searches and improve your Google ranking.

But, what about social media? Do you see that as part of your SEO strategy?

Small business owners often don’t think of incorporating social media into their SEO strategy…and it’s a crying shame because, when done correctly, pairing the two strategies can help businesses reach more consumers and increase brand awareness.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right—social media does not directly affect a business’ SEO ranking. But what it can do is boost awareness of your brand thanks to those links you’re sharing…and that can affect search engine optimisation.

Wondering how to use social media to boost your business’ SEO? Here are 3 easy steps:

1. Create High Quality Content

This should be a no brainer…but I’ll say it again—every piece of content you share on social media should be thoughtful, on brand, and of the highest quality.

Someone may have told you that you MUST crank out a blog post every single day to stay relevant with your followers. Well, I’m sorry to say that person was wrong—especially if the quality of your blog posts is suffering because you’re in a rush to publish every day.

So, press pause on the blog posts, take a breath, and really think about your readers and what information or service you can offer them. Spend some time reviewing the analytics of older blog posts. Which ones really spoke to your audience? Which had the highest engagement? Look for commonalities between them—were they on the same topic? Did you use the same style or tone?

Once you know what worked, take that information and apply it to older, less successful blog posts. Give them a refresh with more engaging content and repost them. Remember, the more engaging your post, the more it will be shared, and the higher the likelihood that it will be noticed by search engines.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel here, and continuing to toss up low-performing content at a breakneck pace might be the new definition of insanity.

2. Make Your Content Easy to Share

The content you’re posting on social media—whether it’s links, social share buttons, or CTA’s—should be crafted in a way that makes it easy for your followers to share. Easily shared content leads to reaching a broader audience, which generates more leads.

It’s important to remember that followers are only going to share content that is important to them or that they think may be useful to others, so plan your posts accordingly. Again, it’s important to know your audience, what’s important to them and staying connected with them especially during the pandemic.

Increase the likelihood that your posts will be shared by incorporating eye-catching opening statements, attractive visuals, and graphics providing useful information.

3. Engage Your Audience

Here’s something I’ll never understand—why do small business owners go through the work of building a beautiful social media page, then post only occasionally, never engaging with their followers, until they gradually lose their carefully culled audience, and their social media presence shrivels up like a raisin in the sun?

Too dramatic?

You’ve done the legwork. You’ve created lovely social media that’s on brand, and you have the buy-in of people who are interested in your business and what you can offer. That’s a treasure you shouldn’t let go of, and one of the best ways to grow your following in a way that benefits your SEO is to engage with them.

Strike up a conversation with followers. Post an intriguing question. Ask them to comment with the name of their favorite product/service you offer. Better yet, ask them what kind of content they would like to see from you…and then listen to the answers.

I hope it goes without saying that you should reply to every post or comment made on your social media page. The more conversations you engage in, the better relationships you build with followers and they will begin to trust you as an expert in your field.

And, as engagement increases and followers grow, you’ll ring all those social media bells that will have Google and other search engines taking notice.

I realize that keeping up with social media can feel like a monumental task when you are a small business owner with a million things on your plate. If you would like more tips on how to incorporate social media and SEO, or if you’d like to hand over the reins and make your plate a little lighter, Digital Canteen can help. We’d love to customise a plan for you. You can contact us today by clicking here.

Here’s to making perfect partners out of social media and SEO!

Thanks for reading,
Digital Canteen Team

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